North Korea

Banknotes from North Korea must be ordered seperately by mail. Order by mail to and write ORDER-ID of the banknotes you want.

List of North Korea banknotes in store:

1 Won1978Pick 18e19 SEK/€1.9KN-01009
5 Won1978Pick 19b25 SEK/€2.5KN-02007
10 Won1978Pick 20b25 SEK/€2.5KN-03006
100 Won1978Pick 22a18 SEK/€1.8KN-07007
5 Won1998Pick 40b18 SEK/€1.8KN-02018
10 Won1998Pick 41b18 SEK/€1.8KN-03018
5000 Won2006Pick 46c7 SEK/€0.7KN-12002
200 Won2005Pick 4815 SEK/€1.5KN-08002
10 Won2002Pick 59a8 SEK/€0.8KN-03023
50 Won2002Pick 60a8 SEK/€0.8KN-06022
North Korea